YouTube Channel Growth Manager



Hi! Thank you so much for showing interest in working with me.


I am a video production & social media manager with over 7 years of professional video editing & graphic design experience…

I have had the privilege in working with some top influencers all across the world within the relaxation and top 10 niche and many different niches on YouTube. I have Studied: E-Commerce, YouTube, Marketing, and Sales.

In this Gig, I’m Offering to do the work for you so you can reap the benefits!

If you are here, you are probably looking for an Online Passive Income.

For a small investment you can take advantage of a trend.



– Channel Design – Banner & Logo

– Music [ Exclusive Music per Customer ]

– Video [ Unique Per Customer ] based on your vision!

– Intro & Outro

– Thumbnails


Channel Management:

1. Uploading and scheduling Videos.

2. writing a professional and informative description (SEO oriented).

3. Full Video Optimization (SEO).


I cant promise any quick views and subscriber results, I can promise a professional looking fully optimized channel with professional licensed imagery and audio without copyright claims.


Promotion should be utilized and outsourced.



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